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Overall health starts with the health of your cells. Your cells replicate daily and the DNA inside cells is susceptible to damage simply from normal cell reproduction as well as a lack of quality nutrients. When DNA is damaged, the cells then replicate with errors, creating problems with your genetic code. The body experiences millions of DNA incidents per day that can contribute to damage. As we age, generations of these damaged cells diminish the function of your organ systems and tissues, reducing vitality, leading to aging and ultimately illness.

Now, with CELLMetrix you can add support to your cellular health. As part of its multi-pathway activity, the ingredients in CELLMetrix are able to support cell microenvironments protecting DNA and ensuring healthy cell reproduction as we age.


The human body is comprised of around 100 trillion cells. Billions of these cells die every day. Cells are being replicated daily from existing cells to replace the cells that are worn out, damaged or dying. Every seven years almost all of your cells will be replaced. By keeping your cells healthy now, you can promote future generations of healthy cells.
Nutrition has a very important role in sustaining cellular health overtime. Nutrients provide the raw materials for the creation of new cells and allow your existing cells to function properly.

Telomeres and DNA Replication


Telomeres are the caps at the end of the DNA strand that prevents the DNA from unraveling or breaking. Unfortunately, the telomeres shorten every time a cell divides. There eventually comes a point where the telomeres become so disintegrated that the DNA can no longer replicate.

Without telomeres, chromosome ends could fuse together and degrade the cell's genetic blueprint, making the cell malfunction, become cancerous or die. Because broken DNA is dangerous, a cell has the ability to sense and repair chromosome damage. Without telomeres, the ends of chromosomes would look like broken DNA, and the cell would try to fix something that wasn't broken. That also would make them stop dividing and eventually die.

In fact, the three scientists who discovered how a healthy telomere microenvironment impacts telomere length won the 2009, the Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine. This discovery has been termed, “the single greatest longevity development in our lifetime.” Their papers explained how the ends of DNA strands are protected by telomeres and how a healthy telomere microenvironment slows cell aging and allows cells to begin copying again.
Now this is not the whole answer to the disease known as Aging but certainly a very big one.

Stem Cells

While CELLMetrix supports a healthy microenvironment for all cells, the stem cells are probably the most important.

Stem cells are in all the organs and tissues of the body and are responsible for regenerating cells in case of injury or disease. Through aging, adult stem cells slowly lose the ability to differentiate into functional tissue-specific cells.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are able to differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (when healthy) to produce more stem cells. They have no specific chosen function until further directed. Stem cells are your body’s reserve, replacing cells that become damaged and cells that die. Stem cells, as with all cells, need the proper nutrition to stay healthy.

An example of adult stem cells and aging is that your skin is continually losing dead cells, so that adult stem cells must continuously replenish the dying skin cells. As we age there are progressively fewer functional skin stem cells. Skin cell turnover slows, leading to thinner, dryer, less elastic skin that loses its youthful vitality. Hair thins and turns grey when hair follicle stem cells decline. Hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch all slowly decline with age, as the declining stem cell populations required to maintain these functions are unable to fully rejuvenate.

This is also true with all the organs within the body responsible for all bodily functions.

CELLMetrix is a dietary supplement designed to improve the function of your existing stem cells. When an organ or tissue is damaged, the stem cell emits natural signals that new cells are needed to replace old or damaged cells. CELLMetrix supports the adult stem cells that respond to provide new replacement cells.

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