Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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1. What is the preferred dose of CELLMetrix™ and when should it be taken?

If you are 125 pounds or less or in your 20s, then it may be best to only take one capsule of CELLMetrix per day preferably with a meal. For those over 125 pounds and over 30 years of age, we recommend two capsules per day preferably taken one at breakfast and one at dinner. Note that the recommendation to take CELLMetrix at meals is not due to any problems with taking the supplement on an empty stomach. Rather, the pterostilbene in CELLMetrix acts as an insulin sensitizer to help glucose cross into your cells and thus reduces the spike in glucose and insulin that routinely occurs after a meal. It is also best to take the two capsules at different meals, as the 105 minute half-life of pterostilbene in the blood stream means that less of the insulin sensitizer is around after 4 hours and even less after 8 hours. That said, if you are one of the many people who can only remember to take your pills once per day, then it is best to take two capsules at the same time, preferably at one of your meals.

2. What improvements might I experience taking CELLMetrix™?

Some of the benefits of CELLMetrix such as a slowing of the aging process may not be immediately apparent, natural supplementation may take 3 to 6 months. There have been many quicker beneficial effects from our beta formulation version including:

We do not make any medical claims for CELLMetrix, however, you might find it interesting to do before and after blood tests with your doctor and monitor LDL and HDL cholesterol, fasting glucose, fasting insulin and C-Reactive Protein (CRP) which is an indicator of chronic inflammation. Another test you may want to periodically check yourself is blood pressure.

Note that CELLMetrix is not meant as a treatment or preventive for hypertension, cholesterol problems, diabetes, or inflammation. However, CELLMetrix can help with keeping these blood parameters at more healthful levels for those already in the normal range.

If you experience one or more of these benefits and/or some other benefit that is not listed, please let us know by using the Contact Us page.

3. I read that many herbs are not well absorbed, and therefore do little good. Is that true for the ingredients in CELLMetrix?

What you are referring to is “bioavailability,” or how well compounds are taken up into and absorbed by your cells. Standard versions of three of our key ingredients; milk thistle, astragalus root extract and Pterocarpus marsupium which contains pterostilbene among other important compounds are not very bioavailable.

Recognizing how critical bioavailability is to your optimal health (and to your pocketbook), those key ingredients were made 3-10 times more effective through the use of two patent-pending processes.

4. How does CELLMetrix™ compare to the more popular telomere products?

We believe CELLMetrix is one of the, if not the most effective telomere health products on the market. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no clinical studies comparing any of the products to one another.

We do know that even though our manufacturing costs compare with the higher priced products, we have kept our prices much lower in order to make CELLMetrix affordable to nearly everyone interested in optimal health and longevity.

5. How does CELLMetrix™ compare to the widely available anti-aging supplement resveratrol?

Much research has been done on Resveratrol and it has been in the news during the past few years. While the original experiment treating mice with resveratrol did generate somewhat longer-lived mice, later experiments have given mixed results in extending mouse lifespan, as is also the case with longevity experiments in worms and fruit flies.

One likely reason for these variable results is that resveratrol is a very unstable compound with only a 14-minute half-life in the blood stream. In contrast, pterostilbene, a close resveratrol analog, has a half-life of 105 minutes (7.5 fold higher) and is one of the principle components found in CELLMetrix. This means that by the time you have lost 50% of pterostilbene, you have lost more than 99% of resveratrol. Moreover, neither resveratrol nor pterostilbene are very bioavailable without the proprietary technology used in CELLMetrix. While the pterostilbene is the most prevalent resveratrol analog in CELLMetrix, there is another potent resveratrol analog in CELLMetrix called marsupsin, which acts synergistically with pterostilbene.

6. In picking the herbal extracts for CELLMetrix™, were ingredients chosen that affect the same genes that differed in the Methuselah flies?

The Methuselah flies are fruit fly colonies that were selectively bred for over 20 years for healthy longevity. They live 4X longer than normal flies due to selectively bred changes in gene expression. The reason this is important is that fruit flies are a surprisingly good model for human longevity genes. The genes attributed to longevity are approximately 90% similar between humans and fruit flies. The method used to pick the ingredients chosen for CELLMetrix is described in Fine-Tuning Your Longevity Genes. The gene expression changes in Methuselah flies did give many targets for intervention into the aging process. The surprise was that there were so many genes that changed in Methuselah flies. This naturally led to the idea that many targets would have to be hit simultaneously if one were to succeed in inducing a major change in the rate of aging. That was the genesis of the wide spectrum CELLMetrix, which may finally have the potential to target a critical threshold of the genes involved in aging. While the selection of ingredients for CELLMetrix had many constraints beyond targeting Methuselah genes, the final product was found to alter many of the highest scoring Methuselah genes using our licensed proprietary AI software. This fact plus the fly longevity data gives us high confidence that we are on the right track. A third party’s subsequent human Field Trial showed many positive results, which are all independent, measures of long health span and lifespan.

7. What are the potential interactions between CELLMetrix™ and medications?

Remember; always consult your physician before starting any supplement regiment.

 If you are taking any of the following drugs, then you should consult your physician before taking herbal, vitamin or other nutritional supplements. It may be necessary to monitor and adjust some of the medications as needed.

•Cholesterol lowering drugs

•Blood thinners (Plavix, Coumadin, etc.)

•Blood pressure lowering drugs (Beta Blockers, ACE inhibitors, ARB drugs, and/or diuretics)


8. How safe is CELLMetrix™ and what are the side effects?

All of the individual herbal extracts in CELLMetrix have 40 years or longer history of human use without significant reported side effects. Moreover, both animal and human trials have been published on the safety and effectiveness of the individual herbal extracts. If you believe you have experienced any side effects while using CELLMetrix please report them to us using our Contact page.

9. Why is Astragalus and Pterocarpus listed twice on your label?

The concentrated Astragalus and Pterocarpus ingredients were complexed with cyclodextrins to increase bioavailability but the concentrated ones leave behind many other beneficial compounds. The un-concentrated plant extracts of Astragalus and Pterocarpus marsupium were added to include the other >1000 compounds other than Astragaloside IV and Pterostilbene. Both plants in their complete form bring properties that have been used for over 1000 years for healing.  

 10. Pterostilbene is is a main component of Pterocarpus marsupium extract. Why is it listed separately?

 Same idea as above. Plus you should know that we use a 99% standardization (for maximum purity) of that single compound. It is differentiated from the whole pterocarpus marsupium root extract.


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